5G Consortium Partnership Application

Once your informal partnerships have been established, the suite of legal services can be employed to facilitate negotiations and contracts. We ensure that our legal team and account management team can support and expedite negotiations and contracting with contract reviews. 

Upon formalization of your partnership, the grant writing process begins. As I am the single source for IMDA's 5G grant consulting with immersive technology you can expect an expedited process to save you time and money ensuring a higher rate of project acceptance for the 5G Grant. 

Do read every detail before Your Submission

This is a very exceptional quality ongoing conclave – an uncategorically special (an encounter of the most unimaginable kind) experience - I’m bringing together a collection of brain power, technology and diversity. 

Once your application is completed, you may send in to the email enclosed in the 5G Consortium Partnership Application where we will send you times for our initial call. Anyone who fails to complete the application will be immediately deleted from my database and you will have to resubmit. 

Out initial call is complementary.

Finally, and reiteratively - the fee is $72,000 USD - payable monthly for 12 months – or discounted by $5,000 if paid in one payment. If you opt for payments – you owe them, irrespective of whether your grant application is approved, or not in Phase 4 – which is why I want to dissuade anyone / everyone uncertain or on the fence about applying.

Willingness and qualification aren't enough. If approved (and only after you’ve committed and said sent a non-refundable good faith deposit), then you will move on to the Qualifying & Compliance Phase 2 with Due Diligence. 

If this proposition is too audacious and outrageous-sounding of an experience for you – then disregard it!

If it resonates with you and your goals to build scalable immersive solutions with the help of the Singaporean 5G Grant, submit your information below & fill out the application download. 

But sincerely, DO NOT waste my time (or yours!). People have a tendency to either disregard my admonishments – or think they can gain some advantage by trying to go around the qualification criteria.

I hope you’ll qualify, and if so, apply.




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