I come from a non-technology background. In fact, over a decade as a fitness trainer in the US Air Force and gymnastics coaching which gives me a unique perspective and the ability to break down the complexities into key learnings for people of all ages.

I host events exploring the impact of immersive technologies and in pre-production of a podcast diving into the data behind the fastest growing immersive tech companies today. Some of those founders came through my Immersive-Capital Matching Tool too!

Recently, I accepted an invitation to become the Chairwoman of the 5G Networks Committee of the VRARA and I help immersive technology companies around the globe partner with Singaporean entities to get access to the 5G SG $30M fund to implement 5G solutions for rapid global scale.

In my spare time, I help Spark AR creators transition from hobbyist to agency owners offering Spark AR as a Service and play with filters like I'm 14.  My mom just thinks it's crazy I get paid to wear a toaster on my head. 

I share curated Immersive Technology & Gaming resources for funders and founders building tomorrow's products in my bi-weekly newsletter!

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