Singapore Funding &

Grant Design


Yes, you can 

I will help you get the grant & funding that matches your company's goals. We'll work together to build a comprehensive plan from identifying opportunities, to finding the right suppliers. Supported by meticulous research and hand-holding to get you approved. 

Get 70% Of The Project costs reimbursed for your taking your prototype to market.

How does it Work?

You will get access to the complete 5G Partnership Consortium Playbook specifically made for Immersive Technology companies experimenting with 5G use cases who wish to take advantage of the Singapore funding schemes. We'll work together to identify the right opportunities, perfect partnerships with Singaporean entities and customers.

How does it Work?

Once selected your partnership consortium will be able to leverage the 5G Living Lab@PIXEL. This is where my office is located so while you may be working in partnership remotely, you can have full confidence in having an on the ground Certified Project Manager on your side. (That's me, so this is how the party works!)

Next, we build a half-day workshop with other qualified partner companies facilitated by a senior leader in immersive technology with support from a representative from the Singaporean IMDA to ensure your solutions are aligned with the goals of Singapore and can be validated with possible customer acquisition prior to project kick-off and grant writing. 

By the end of the session, you will have formed your informal partnership, technology requirements and the project overview will be defined. This will serve to identify key innovations of the proposed solution and new capabilities, expected patents or IP that will be developed by your partnership consortium. 


Once on-boarded  your company will be fast-tracked to my qualifying committee to make sure each party involved is working with secure and qualified partners. Here you will be assessed on your technical expertise, QA and quality assurance, alongside your project management methodology and cybersecurity to ensure that your company will continue to help the 5G innovation ecosystem is as high-performing as it is secure and a resilient participant within the 5G infrastructure in Singapore. 

This Due Diligence process follows Singapore Standard for Multi-Tiered Cloud Computing Security (MTCS SS) and ISO27001 Standards paired with legal compliance served by a business-centric commercial law practice of Singapore. 

Qualifying & Compliance 

This is a complimentary 30-minute meeting is where we start to understand your vision and how your solutions will help with 5G adoption. During this session, we'll review your previous case-studies and identify any gaps that need to be filled with potential partners. We'll build a list of core functional and non-functional requirements to determine if you would move on to the next phase or quickly eliminate any potential mismatches.

Many companies do not pass this initial phase as we require them to fill out the 5G Consortium Partnership Application.  


Singapore's IMDA grant of $30M is allocated on a first come, first serve basis. With a timeline so rapid, I offer an accelerated process that is efficient with an innovative end-to-end implementation and support.

Now the monetary part – participation is either unimaginably modest or unbelievably expensive – depending upon both your definition of value, and your appreciation / respect for MY unique skills, abilities, experiences, expertise, knowledge, and network of relationships.

If you can’t easily and enthusiastically write a check for $6,500 a month for 12 months, don’t apply. BONUS: My fees are also reimbursed up to 70% with your acceptance to the 5G Grant program. 

On average, the project total amount in applications for the 5G Grant is $1.2M. 

The Process

Once your informal partnerships have been established, the suite of legal services can be employed to facilitate negotiations and contracts. We ensure that our legal team and account management team can support and expedite negotiations and contracting with contract reviews. 

Upon formalization of your partnership, the grant submission process begins. My Sales and Marketing Strategy comes complete with the USP identification, sales & distribution channels with the operational plan for building your commercialisation strategy. As I am the single source for IMDA's 5G grant consulting with immersive technology, you can expect an expedited process to save you time and money ensuring a higher rate of project acceptance for the 5G Grant. 


PILOT TRIALS to 6-MONTH commercial Service period

Here we begin the live operating environment schedule. You may want to access the 5G Living Lab@PIXEL which is complementary with our project. At key checkpoints, we'll report your progress to relative stakeholders (board members, investors, key media) and provide a complete project report upon completion of the 6-month commercial service which will be submitted for fund reimbursement. 

While the focus is given to getting your project up and running, I know that post-commercial service period can be overlooked. This is an essential activity that can be paired with any other service offering to help scale your solution from Singapore to the globe. 

A Certified PM at an Undergrad Intern rate

If don't make the cut, you could do it ALL on your own for FREE!


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